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Post by Sensei on Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:27 pm

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Office of the Executive Director

Rank: Executive Administrator
Role: A group of high command staff in the server. their main role is to make sure everything is fine within the server.
 - Wittzi[ Executive Director + Owner ]
 - Zepto  - [ Deputy Executive Director + Co-Owner ]

Rank: Head Administrator
Role: Their main job is to manage all the departments and to provide support if needed by the players. These key staff members make sure everything is flowing fine within the staff departments.
 - Shots [ Ban Complaint Moderator ]

Rank: Lead Administrator
Role: Their main role is to support the head administrators from the departments that they're handling. They can be a Director or Assistant Director of a department.

Rank:Senior Administrator
Role: They've been assigned to do the role as a senior staff member who train the new staff members from the server. They have some commands to infract/prison/ban players who rule break the rules.

Rank:  General Administrator
Role: They will be assigned to maintain the player peacefulness and to insure that the all players is not breaking the rules of the server.      

Rank: Junior Administrator
Role: They're the new recruits staff and assigned to do the role of maintaining server peacefulness among the players. Their main role is to spectate and watch for non-roleplay activities.

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